Debra Nadelhoffer

airs_above_the_ground_24x48-web-_oil_on_canvasDebra Nadelhoffer’s paintings reflect an emotional response to her subject. Attracted by effects of light and atmosphere, she attempts to convey her impressions through the use of color and close attention to the play of light on surfaces. Her subject matter is varied, as she is equally fascinated with landscape, still life and the figure.

From the Artist

As an artist, I sometimes feel like an entertainer. Whether it is the performing arts or the visual arts, the goal is to create a memorable experience for the audience. I paint what excites me and hope to bring my audience along for the ride.



Although I love the landscape, I usually try to describe light and its effects in my paintings regardless of subject matter. My paintings reflect a love for the dramatic as well as the simple things that I see every day. Subject matter will sometimes dictate what medium I use to depict the scene.

My mediums of choice are oils and pastels, each unique in its own way, but demanding equal attention­­. I have heard this so many times from other artists but will repeat it, I am so thankful for this gift of art that keeps me learning, communicating and eagerly anticipating each day.